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Consumer Packaged Goods

We helped an information services company design, build, and implement their core “engine” for a large nationally recognized grocer.   The engine built was used to support several thousand stores nationwide.  As a result of our work, our client was able to secure an additional $100 million in investment capital for their start-up operations.

    Designed, built, and implemented an entire point-of-sale data collection, cleansing, and data warehousing system––
     on-time––and on-budget.

  1. Helped to reduce out-of-stock items

  2. Increased individual store revenue

  3. Helped institute computer-aided ordering

  4. Provided continual evaluation and improvement of promotional campaign effectiveness at the store level

  5. Drove store level modeling and financial forecasting

  6. Monitored and evaluated success of new product introductions by enhancing the data with “causal” information
We helped another start-up build an electronic marketing system to support customer loyalty and electronic coupon clearing, which lead to their securing $6 million in funding, ultimately paving the way for their acquisition.

We designed, built, and implemented two critical RFID tag-related applications and completed a mission-critical Business Intelligence Technology Assessment for a Chicago area start-up. These projects made a significant contribution to this start-up client's ability to win a very large contract that placed its technology chain-wide in a $47 billion drug and pharmacy chain.  

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