Project Excellence Group, Inc.

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Our Core Competencies

Business Process Documentation Services:

  • When designing and developing a new technology solution for a business problem or need, often it is necessary to analyze and document the current (“as is”) system or process.  By taking a process-oriented approach to business workflow documentation, this enables a more effective and efficient   design of a new (“to-be”) system.

Project Management Services:

  • After evaluating the current (“as is”) system and understanding the goals and objectives of the new (“to-be”) system, we can develop and document a Project Scope and then begin to estimate project costs and plan project schedules. 
  • We will monitor and promote initiatives throughout the project life cycle to ensure their successful completion on time and within budget.  We will provide leadership, counsel, and analysis resources to IT project teams as appropriate and ensure that system design and deliverables include the necessary functionality. 


Systems Integration Services:

  • We can identify, integrate, and customize 3rd-party off-the-shelf solutions for your unique environment. 


Application Development Services:

  • We can architect, design, and develop a customized solution that is specific to your unique needs in your unique environment. 
  • We can provide quality assurance and testing services to solutions developed by your in-house resources, by outside consultants, or by our team.


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